The Visual Blow Crowd
Away at ESNS Show

Last week saw the annual European music conference and showcase festival Eurosonic/Noorderslag, which was great as always. The Visual played Noorderslag on the Saturday, blowing away everyone present in the Patio. 3VOOR12 placed them on no.11 in their ‘best 25 shows of ESNS’ list. Check out these great reviews:

“Ze laat zich nergens echt in de ziel kijken, zingt abstracte teksten over vallende bladeren en vreemde schaduwen en gaat geen moment met gestrekt been op emotie in. En juist dan, als ze bijna a cappella afsluit, biggelen de tranen: ‘Goodbye, pretty one’.” Full review. 

“We moeten blijven bewegen als we niet bevroren door de schoonheid van The Visual willen blijven staan, want bloedmooi is het.” Full review. 

Photo by Hesterliena Wolthuis

Gigwise Premieres The Visual’s Video for ‘Figure’

Head over to Gigwise to get a first look at the video for ‘Figure’, The Visual’s recently released single. Thanks to Andy Hill for the kind words! ❤️

“Anna van Rij’s voice, cool and evanescent as the morning dew, veers between melancholy lethargy and emotionally wrought upper-register bends. Partner in crime Timon Persoon does his ‘voodoo soundman’ bit on keys, crafting an proper three-dimensional sound landscape at the tender locus of soundtrack and songwriting.”

Check out the full article here.

‘Figure’ is available on all streaming services. Click here.

Pitou in
De Groene Amsterdammer

de Groene Amsterdammer did a full piece on Pitou!

‘de muziek van Pitou klinkt dan dromerig en dwingend tegelijkertijd, intiem en toch raadselachtig. In de traditie van, pak ’m beet, Björk of nog duidelijker Laura Marling, het soort zang waar je wel naar moet blijven luisteren, muziek die je ongemerkt uren achtereen kunt luisteren.’

You can read it online here (in Dutch).

Pitou on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music & Radio X

Pitou’s ‘Give Me A Glass’ was played on both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music again yesterday! Much love for all the support we’ve received from BBC and Radio X over the past few weeks.

Pitou will be returning to the U.K. soon for two shows, one at The Islington in London on the 19th of July (tickets here) & Underneath The Stars Festival, in South Yorkshire, on the 20th of July (tickets here). Here’s the video we made with Glitterstudio for ‘Give Me A Glass’, premiered at DIY.

Picture of Pitou by Danny Griffioen

Reviews: Pitou at The Great Escape

We’ve just returned from a great weekend at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton (big thanks to HPC Music Support!), where Pitou played two shows. Here’s what the press had to say about it:

The 405:
”Back inland, Amsterdam songwriter Pitou has found a beautifully appropriate setting for her set in the form of the Greek-style chapel of the Unitarian Church, a stunning building that alas is currently clad in restorative scaffolding. Inside though, the history and mystique is still in full exposure. Pitou is performing just days after the release of her excellent EP I Fall Asleep So Fast and the pews are filled for her arrival. She is flanked by two seraphic backing singers, the three spinning and diving in sophisticated vocal formations that reveal Pitou’s background in classical music. She introduces ‘Give Me a Glass’ by telling us that it’s a song about alcohol, so we’re likely all going to hell, but at least we got a little slice of heaven here first. These arrangements will work everywhere, but by the rousing reception at the end of this set, there is an understanding that this was a little special”. Full article here.

CLASH Magazine:
“Over at Komedia, rising Dutch star Pitou is absolutely sensational, layering harmonies with her two backing singers that one can only soak up and applaud.” Full article here.

God Is In The TV Zine:
“The front of the stage is lined with photographers ahead of Pitou’s Dutch Showcase which would be enough to make anyone feel a little like a lion at the zoo. But as soon as the first crisp sounds of her vocals cut through the PA, the singer’s in her element with a crowd mesmerised. Much like fellow earnest pop purveyors, Peggy Sue, Pitou’s four-strong band are her choir of echoes atop minimalist folk strings. The drummer plays tentatively at first, just hands and fingers, a primitive kind of percussion; fitting for a sound that clearly comes so naturally to them all. There are tUnE yArDs’ levels of dizzying details in the layered whimsy of recent single ‘Problems’, as the Amsterdam-born artist follows the song’s protagonist into the dark. Back to the limelight, she thanks the crowd for joining her: “You all have nice faces but the soul is more important. I can’t see your souls so I’ll have to assume you all have decent souls”. After all, there is dark and light but it’s what’s inside that really counts and Pitou is intelligently crafted folk-pop to the core.” Full article here.

Bloop Magazine:
”Dutch indie-folk sensation Pitou framed her emotionally intelligent commentaries within hypnotic harmonies and a wistful gaze. Komedia centre stage was her barstool at the pub, where she gushed to her crowd about how proud she was of her new EP and how grateful she was to us for abandoning the sunshine to listen to her play in a sweaty, underground basement. A charming smile flickered across her face as she layered harmony upon harmony for ‘Give Me a Glass’. It’s a curiously intellectual pop-folk song that explores how we see ourselves and the outside world after drinking, with its excellent production quality lending itself to stand out in a live set. It would be unfair to compare the Amsterdam-born musician’s sound to the likes of Laura Marling or Daughter, because her music is totally individualised by her spellbinding church-choir tone, intelligent lyricism that perfectly balances the darkness and light of human emotion, and way she uses multiple tiers of vocal harmonies as an instrument by themselves. ” Full article here.

For Pitou’s interview with Line Of Best Fit, see here.

Gigwise on Pitou: Like Tinkerbell Serenading You From the Far Side of a Wormhole

Big thanks to Gigwise for the kind words on Pitou’s soon to be released track ‘Be Delicate’, as heard on BBC Radio 1.

‘Don’t get us wrong: when we say it’s a cappella, overlaid with recurring one-woman harmonies, we’re not lumping Pitou in with your garden-variety open-mic-loop-pedal brigade. That’d be comparing a layby cheeseburger with a sliver of prime Kobe steak. No, her insistent, one-chord recursive entreaty to “be delicate” atomises on the eardrum like diamond-coloured ocean spray.Regimented but gentle (…) Mechanical but empathic. Like Tinkerbell serenading you from the far side of a wormhole, or an archangel contemplating eternity in some heavenly hall of mirrors.’

Read the full article here.

Pitou’s new EP ‘I Fall Asleep So Fast’ will be out on May 11th, accompanied by a release show at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam on May 13th. Get tickets for the show here.