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Torii Confirmed for Le Guess Who Festival! [cancelled]

UPDATE 4 september: Le Guess Who has unfortunately been postponed to next year due to new Covid measures.

Torii have been booked for this year’s edition of the wonderful Le Guess Who Festival, that takes place in Utrecht. It’s one of our favourite festivals – “Eclectic and probing” – New York Times / “LGW proves that even in times of political divide, music and art can bring us together into a more hopeful future” – The Line of Best Fit.

Tickets can we found on the LGW website. 

Torii live at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg! [cancelled]

Update: Unfortunately due to new Covid measures and restrictions, all Dutch artists set to play international showcase festival Reeperbahn this weekend will not be able to travel to Germany. We hope to be back next year!

Torii have been booked as the closing act at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg! They play the Imperial Theatre on Saturday the 19th at 22.30 PM. Check out the full Reeperbahn Festival line up on their website. 

Mink Records Festival at Paard, Covid-proof! [postponed]

Our offering to you… dear friends, music and art lovers: Mink Records Festival
on October 2nd  🌙 a Covid-19 proof festival in The Hague at Paard to celebrate music and the arts in tough times, and support each other.
‘Independent record label Mink Records presents a musical line up featuring Torii, The Visual, Illnoledge, Real Farmer – DJs, visuals, a vinyl and vintage clothing market and art exhibition at Paard Den Haag, on October 2nd 2020.’
⤖ Live Music: ToriiThe VisualIllnoledgeReal Farmer
⤖ DJs: Silk (Natousch Gerritsen), Solyaris Soundsystem, Condition: Mint (Marieke McKenna)
⤖ VJs/Visuals: GlitterstudioOrisun
⤖ Art Expo: Jamel Armand, Philine van den HulBadriah Hamelink
⤖ Market: 3345 vinyl recordsEspresso RecordsZusjes Vintage Boetiek
Poster by Michiel Mutsaerts & Marieke McKenna
Tickets: €10, on sale now – limited space due to Covid-19 measures, so be quick if you want to attend.
Hope to see you there!
Update: Sad news! Mink Records Festival at Paard that was supposed to take place this Friday has been POSTPONED till December 5th! Last night stricter Covid-19 measures were announced by the Dutch government and it seems that this sneaky virus keeps outsmarting my attempts at keeping the faith and undertaking perhaps somewhat hopeful/optimistic BUT theoretically doable and guideline following endeavours (although we really did get unlucky with the timing, AGAIN).
Within a month, we pretty crazily pulled together a socially distanced festival including live music, dj’s, sculpture, painting, photography, (live)visuals, a market with vinyl and vintage clothing – out of solidarity, love and support of the local creative community that I’m so grateful to be surrounded by – but alas, we must wait for a little longer to admire each other’s work in person and together. The festival was pretty much sold out so all of those who bought a ticket – it will stay valid for December 5th, alternatively you can get a voucher from Paard for another show or a refund if you contact me – more info here.
This past half year has been wild, seeing something you’ve built up in 5 years crumble in about 5 months – fluctuating between comedy/tragedy (good time to re-read the Greeks) – we’ve had to cancel album release shows, international tours, and now a festival. Seeing so many talented individuals in this industry switching careers out of sheer necessity is heartbreaking because the cultural scene will be so much poorer without them when this all blows over. The effort from the venues, artists and industry has been legendary – despite the disheartening environment, humans are pretty adaptable species, especially those utilising imagination and creativity.
Thanks for the support beautiful people – ONWARDS!
Love, Marieke

Independent Label Market at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

This Sunday 16 August we’ll be present at the yearly edition of the independent record label market, at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. Find us alongside labels such as: Subroutine Records, Snowstar Records, Bloomer Records, Paradiso Vinyl Club, Excelsior Recordings, Beggars Group, Caroline Benelux, Subroutine Records, Coaster Records, Geertruida and more. Free entrance, more info here. 

We will be bringing a big batch of fresh new merchandise, which will also be listed in our webshop soon.

Avocet’s Debut Album ‘Lend Your Garden’ Out Now

Today we bring you Avocet’s debut album ‘Lend Your Garden’, the Scottish trio’s ‘wonderfully arranged, impeccably played, beautifully sung, global roots kissed, swinging folk gem’.

It is available on all streaming services (listen online here), or on CD – which can be ordered through our webshop. 

Some lovely reviews have trickled in… find a selection below… 🌾Big thanks also to 3VOOR12 for placing the album on their ‘Luisterpaal’, BBC Scotland for the airplay, and Celtic Music Radio and Cam Glen Radio Glasgow for ‘album of the week’ features!

〰️ ‘I’m utterly captivated by the debut LP from Avocet. They’ve built on their enchanting 2018 Borrowed Seed EP with a wonderfully arranged, impeccably played, beautifully sung, global roots kissed, swinging folk gem for Mink Records. A genuinely stunning debut LP.’ – The Slow Music Movement
〰️ ‘You can hear the same vibe in Avocet, pacey yet gentle, clarity of guitar and harp resonating together, knitting the music into a wonderful cloth (…) the great interplay between Iona and Sam is better than ever. Sam’s guitar work is clean, clear, precise, but full of soul and above all, under-stated. Nothing flashy, but very, very good.’ – Folk Radio
〰️ ‘From a musical point of view it’s a feast of beautiful harp- and guitarwork, but the other musicians on the album contribute to a sound that keeps sounding slightly more out there than just ‘folky’ or ‘Celtic’ (…) Avocet’s music goes beyond the ‘folk’ genre somehow and manages to maintain the listeners attention.’ – Erwin Zijleman, de Krenten uit de Pop blog (NL)
〰️ ‘It begins by laying out its influence on the jazzy folk blues circling guitar notes and puttering percussion of ‘Sell Me To The Wind’, Zajac inviting you on the musical journey (…) A Malian influence seeps into the breathily sung march beat title track, psychedelic guitar notes weaving across the hypnotic melody on a song addressing global conflicts and the desire to “be free from those fighting a war so separate from me” (…) Harp and guitar skimming across the underlying bassline like light reflecting off water, ‘Glarabi’ is an instrumental, the title of which may or may not be a variation on Gl’Arabi, a reference to a Sufi mystic. (…) Like the bird, the trio navigates the folk currents with dexterity and are ready to take flight.’
〰️ ‘This is a band with something new and fresh to offer to the Folk scene of today, which is kind of ironic really, as they are so obviously influenced by Folk revivalists of the 60’s and 70’s. I think it’s the inclusion of the sparkling harp and Iona’s seductive vocals that set them apart from their peers and that’s not taking anything away from the other gifted musicians on the album, it just gives them that touch of stardust that others may lack. It’s a stunning debut recording that will captivate with it’s versatility and differing styles, from Psych Folk to Blues, to Jazz and all with a contemporary ambiance, a real must have if your looking for something to refresh your Folk collection.’ – Real Music Net
〰️ ‘The album feels soft and calming, with a perfect mix of instruments. Zajac’s voice is just sublime.’ – 3VOOR12

〰️  ‘A wonderfully arranged, impeccably played, beautifully sung, global roots kissed, swinging folk gem for Mink Records. A genuinely stunning debut LP.’ – The Slow Movement

〰️  ‘A must album for everyone’s collection.’ – Celtic Music Radio

We are very grateful for all the support so far and can’t wait to hear what you think.

Under the Radar Mag & 3VOOR12 premiere Torii’s music video for ‘Forward Retreat’

Torii have just released a new music video for single ‘Forward Retreat’, premiered on U.K. platform Under The Radar Mag! You can read the full article here. Much thanks to Dom Gourlay for the kind words. The Dutch national broadcaster 3VOOR12 also did a lovely feature on the video, calling Torii’s album ‘one of their favourite rele`ases of the year’.

Based on a concept by French artist Pauline Bauvin then filmed in France during the annual festival of Gayant in July 2019 by keyboard player Jilles van Kleef and Bauvin, the video for “Forward Retreat” focuses on medieval folklore. Van Kleef takes up the story.

“In Northern France and Belgium folklore, “giants” are figures representing fictional or factual characters. Originating in medieval rituals, the tradition dictates giants being carried by one or more people walking and dancing in the streets during carnivals, parades and processions. Their size varies depending on the region of origin. They usually depict archetypes of the town such as the bourgeois and the peasant or historical figures of local relevance. Each giant has its own history, they are born, they marry, they have children. The music video was filmed in Douai (a commune in Northern France) during the festival of Gayant in July 2019. The legend of Gayant (“giant” in Picard language) dates back to the 16th century. Gayant is one of the oldest giant pageants, starting in 1530 during a procession honouring Saint-Maurand, the protector of Douai. The ancestral cultural practice has been kept alive since then. Every year, for three days, the festival takes place where Gayant and his family composed of the giant’s wife Marie Cagenon and their three children, Jacquot, Fillon, and Binbin, are carried through the city.”