Our offering to you… dear friends, music and art lovers: Mink Records Festival
on 26 September 2021  ?  a Covid-19 proof festival in The Hague at Paard to celebrate music and the arts in tough times, and support each other.
Third time’s a charm… after having to last minute postpone this event twice due to COVID restrictions it looks like it’s finally happening this time! Tickets can be found here.
A celebration of musical and artistic talent, with live performances, DJ sets, and a vinyl record stall. The original event was sold out but we are now working with a larger capacity so tickets are on sale again via the Paard website! Would love to see you all there, it’s a pretty significant date for me as it also marks the 5 year existence of Mink Records… 🪐
⤖ Live music: Donna Blue, The Visual, Illnoledge, TOUSCH
⤖ DJs: Gianni Tjon, Silk, Nostalgic Nas, Marieke Mckenna, Andre Agressi
⤖ Partners/Visual Art: Orisun Studio (Homegrown), Reconsider Studio, Philine van den Hul
⤖ Market: 3345 vinyl records, Mink Records merchandise stall

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