Mink Records is an independent record label with strong ties to The Netherlands and U.K.

Besides overseeing artists’ recordings, management and promotion, Mink Records, founded in 2016, specialises in allround creative & entrepreneurial assistance of artists, as well as enhancing the musical bonds between the U.K. and the Netherlands. In 2019 a sister publishing company ‘Mink Music Publishing’ was formed in a joint venture construction with Cloud 9. Through Mink Music Publishing we secure opportunities in sync, writing camps and licensing for artists. 

Known for self-produced label nights and release shows in London, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Rotterdam, The Hague and more, often in unusual places such as churches, on the beach, on a boat, in an old WWII bunker, to name a few examples, Mink attributes an importance to live as well as recorded music – treasuring the community building up around these nocturnal gatherings. 

Mink Records is inspired by a whole range of musical genres, from classical to jazz, old school hip–hop to punk, from folk to indie, from non-western music to psychedelic rock… great music isn’t genre bound, so Mink Records isn’t either. 

We believe in total artistic freedom, with no commercially-motivated creative concessions, and make this viable in the current industry through solid business accumen and a broad network of likeminded individuals.

Genuine intentions with a driving force motivated by the vision of having good music heard.