Big thanks to Gigwise for the kind words on Pitou’s soon to be released track ‘Be Delicate’, as heard on BBC Radio 1.

‘Don’t get us wrong: when we say it’s a cappella, overlaid with recurring one-woman harmonies, we’re not lumping Pitou in with your garden-variety open-mic-loop-pedal brigade. That’d be comparing a layby cheeseburger with a sliver of prime Kobe steak. No, her insistent, one-chord recursive entreaty to “be delicate” atomises on the eardrum like diamond-coloured ocean spray.Regimented but gentle (…) Mechanical but empathic. Like Tinkerbell serenading you from the far side of a wormhole, or an archangel contemplating eternity in some heavenly hall of mirrors.’

Read the full article here.

Pitou’s new EP ‘I Fall Asleep So Fast’ will be out on May 11th, accompanied by a release show at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam on May 13th. Get tickets for the show here.

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