Out now: Boka de Banjul’s album ‘Lu Jot Yomb’, which means ‘everything has its time’ in Wolof.

The story behind this record is special: its existence is the result of the interweaving of many ideas, people, and cultures, with at the centre of it all Ebou Gaye Mada, griot, who founded the band in its early form back in 1999. Boka de Banjul combines the Gambian Mbalax with music from all over the world like jazz, afrobeat, reggae and more … for lovers of Youssou N’Dour, Ifang Bondi, Mdungu and Dandana (Ebou was a member of the last three bands).

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Lu Jot Yomb – Boka de Banjul


Release show tonight at BIRD, Rotterdam. Come dance!

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