Boka de Banjul

Ebou Gaye Mada, griot, founded Boka de Banjul in its early form back in 1999 in Gambia from jam sessions with various musicians. Boka Halat means “joined ideas’ in Wolof. The combination of the various band members, their ideas, their musical background and their shared passion for music became the basis of a platform for positive energy. Boka de Banjul, now based in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, combines the Gambian Mbalax with music from all over the world like jazz, afrobeat, reggae and more … for lovers of Youssou N’Dour, Ifang Bondi, Mdungu and Dandana (Ebou was a member of the last three bands).

Anyone who sees the Boka de Banjul playing live gets hit by the infectious energy. Ebou and his band play with such passion, experience and love for music that the viewer is included in the rhythms and melodies through this sparkling performance. Few live bands can accomplish this level of interaction with a crowd. This talent has resulted in performances all over the world.

Boka de Banjul signed with UK/NL based label Mink Records begin 2018, and released their full 9-track debut album ‘Lu Jot Yomb’ (everything has its time in Wolof) during a packed release show at Rotterdam’s BIRD, on April 12th. The record is available digitally and on CD.

Boka will be bringing their live energy to a multitude of Dutch festivals during the next few months, including The Life I Live, Zwarte Cross, Bevrijdingsfestival and more.

management & label queries: Marieke McKenna | | +31650407351
live bookings: Gideon Rozendaal | | +31643907343