This event has been postponed – see below for latest update
Our offering to you… dear friends, music and art lovers: Mink Records Festival
on October 2nd  ? a Covid-19 proof festival in The Hague at Paard to celebrate music and the arts in tough times, and support each other.
‘Independent record label Mink Records presents a musical line up featuring Torii, The Visual, Illnoledge, Real Farmer – DJs, visuals, a vinyl and vintage clothing market and art exhibition at Paard Den Haag, on October 2nd 2020.’
⤖ Live Music: ToriiThe VisualIllnoledgeReal Farmer
⤖ DJs: Silk (Natousch Gerritsen), Solyaris Soundsystem, Condition: Mint (Marieke McKenna)
⤖ VJs/Visuals: GlitterstudioOrisun
⤖ Art Expo: Jamel Armand, Philine van den HulBadriah Hamelink
⤖ Market: 3345 vinyl recordsEspresso RecordsZusjes Vintage Boetiek
Poster by Michiel Mutsaerts & Marieke McKenna
Tickets: €10, on sale now – limited space due to Covid-19 measures, so be quick if you want to attend.
Hope to see you there!
Update: Sad news! Mink Records Festival at Paard that was supposed to take place this Friday has been POSTPONED until further notice (it will take place though, as soon as restrictions are lifted)! Stricter Covid-19 measures were announced by the Dutch government and it seems that this sneaky virus keeps outsmarting our attempts at keeping the faith and undertaking perhaps somewhat hopeful/optimistic BUT theoretically doable and guideline following endeavours (although we really did get unlucky with the timing, AGAIN).
Within a month, we pretty crazily pulled together a socially distanced festival including live music, dj’s, sculpture, painting, photography, (live)visuals, a market with vinyl and vintage clothing – out of solidarity, love and support of the local creative community that I’m so grateful to be surrounded by – but alas, we must wait for a little longer to admire each other’s work in person and together. The festival was pretty much sold out so all of those who bought a ticket – it will stay valid for December 5th, alternatively you can get a voucher from Paard for another show or a refund if you contact me – more info here.
This past half year has been wild – we’ve had to cancel album release shows, international tours, and now a festival. Seeing so many talented individuals in this industry switching careers out of sheer necessity is heartbreaking because the cultural scene will be so much poorer without them when this all blows over. The effort from the venues, artists and industry has been legendary – despite the disheartening environment, humans are pretty adaptable species, especially those utilising imagination and creativity.
Thanks for the support beautiful people – ONWARDS!
Love, Marieke

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