Maktub – Roos Meijer


Track listing:

1. Eyes of Innocence
2. Stuck in the Night
3. Dream in the Downpour
4. Brother
5. Dance Till We Win


Roos Meijer – Maktub (CD)

Maktub is an EP containing five tracks: inspired by the real stories of refugees that Roos Meijer met during her volunteer work in refugee-camps in Greece. The EP aims to bring more awareness to the situation that is still taking place but seems to have lost the attention of the media and therefore, of the people. All money raised by the album, will go where the inspiration for the album came from: refugees. All the profits will be donated to Sounds of Change: an organisation that trains aid workers, teachers and volunteers in and around conflict areas to give music lessons to children in refugee camps. Read more about Sounds of Change here.

Note: this is not a Mink Records release, but we are happy to help distribute this inspiring project.


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